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We have all seen a wide variety of target stands. Some of the stands worked well, but they were either too big and heavy to transport and had to stay on the range, or their base was too small and we were always trying to figure out a way to keep them from blowing over. The Flip-N-Target stand allows you the freedom to set up on uneven ground, adjust the height or bury the back legs in the berm to allow for more space on the range.

The Flip-N-Target stand is perfect for all you hunters as well.

How many times have you set up your target and walked all the way back to your gun only to find out that your target has fallen over? You end up spending more time walking back and forth to set up your target then you do shooting. How about all those shooter that show up with thousands of dollars in guns and end up shooting at a cardboard box that is held down by a rock. Not only is this target stand a time saver it will make it look like you know what you are doing out on the range whether you do or not.

There are some very unique stands made out of PVC but the majority are so big that if you do not have a pick-up truck to haul it to the range you could never use it. This target stand not only stands up to the wind and sets up on uneven ground it will fold up and easily fit in the trunk of most cars.

We are always looking to develop more ideas that will assist you in your training needs and provide you with products and services that we feel better your chances of survival on the streets or in the jungle and for some of you that might be one in the same.

Assembly Instructions

Tactical Model Folding Target Stand


The SNIPER is a small 16" x 18" lightweight extremely portable target stand. Perfect for air powered or BB gun shooters, hunters and sport shooters sighting rifles or small bore handguns. Actual Weight: 7 lbs.


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Tactical Model Folding Target Stand


The SPORTSMAN Model is primarily designed to be used by those shooting rifles. The stand is smaller and easier to carry long distances, not to mention most snipers or rifle shooters are focusing on a much tighter grouping. The Sportsman has a target frame that measures 24" x 30", which allows for enough space between your targets but minimizes the overall weight and needed storage space. Actual Weight: 16 lbs.


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Tactical Model Folding Target Stand


The TACTICAL Model is primarily designed for paper targets like the SEB style shown in the picture. The SEB style paper target is 24” x 35” but has callout targets sitting right on top of the side rails of the PRO Model. The TACTICAL Model is six inches wider than the PRO Mod el which allows more room to utilize the callouts without shooting up the frame.

The Tactical has a target frame that measures 30” X 35” which provides more side to side room while still allowing the flexibility to adjust the target to a realistic height. Actual Weight 19 lbs.


Email sales@flip-n-target.com to Order

Please excuse our lack of an online payment option. We are in the process of negotiating a better shipping rate for our customers and will offer online sales once that has been completed. In the meantime, please email sales@flip-n-target.com to place an order.

Flip-N-Target Stands are Made in America


You may need to replace parts because your buddies can't shoot straight, but everything else is covered by our no-hassle guarantee! "Unfold and Go" is our motto.

FLIP-N-TARGET Wooden Target Stands to be free from defect in workmanship and materials. We will repair, replace, or refund your original purchase price of this product, at our discretion, if it is determined by us to be defective. Normal wear and tear — including bullet holes — is not covered, nor is damage resulting from abuse or altering this product from its original design. Flip-N-Target offers a 90 - day limited warranty on all its products.


For repair or replacement contact Customer Service via e-mail at  helpyou@flip-n-target.com and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#). Then package the wooden target stand and return (no CODs please) to:

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Flip-N-Target Stands are Made in America


September 2011

Targets as you know them have changed forever! Check out our portable target!!


November 2010

Flip-N-Target Sportsman is AWESOME ! My son and I like to run down to the range and do some shooting when he gets home from school but we don't have too much time before he goes to swim team. Flip-N-Target is easy to toss into the car, sets up fast, and can be taken down just as quickly. It's also "man enough" to take the occasional errent round that new shooters (and old ones, too) can dish out. Everybody that sees it thinks it's great too when I show them how easy it is to set up and take down.

I also sent your web address to my local gun dealer. I have not been to his shop lately, but hope he has contacted you.

Thanks again for a great product ! My son and I appreciate it very much.
~ Dave

October 2010

My name is John. I was the september winner of a Flip-N-Target tactical stand. When it came I opened it and was very impressed!!! This is an awesome product, very easy to set up and take down and provides an awesome target platform. Soon after my best friend who is a retired Marine Corp. Gunny, my son-in-law who is an ICE agent and my self proceeded to kill some paper BAD GUYS...which I purchased from the great folks at Flip-N-Target and highly recommend...these are some of the best shooting products I have ever used and highly recommend these to anyone in the market for a top notch target stand and targets!!! Thanks again for the great products and you have a LIFE LONG CUSTOMER!!!

Feel free to post this on your testimonial page...Thanks again!!!
~ John from Senoia, GA

June 2010

The Flip-N-Target held up really well at the range today. I won't say any names, but someone threw a round a little high into the top support beam but it didn't affect the integrity of the stand at all. And I have to say, the Zombie target + Flip-N-Target stand make a good match.

The legs stayed where we put them and transport to and from the range was easy as expected. It was a lot easier than bringing a stand, wood, cardboard and targets to the range. This system is definitely a go!
Read the entire review at Gunn-Fighter.com

June 2010

Used and abusedI took the target holder my mom purchased for me as a gift last month out for it's first use today. I am thrilled with it. Haven't been out to the range in a while so my aim was a bit off. Out of 209 rounds fired I hit the wood 10 times with .30-06, 8mm Mauser and 7.62x54R ammo and it never even flinched. It's still solidly together and ready for another range trip. I've attached 2 pics so you could see the abuse it can take.

Thanks again for the great product!

~ Justin

Flip-N-Target Stands are Made in America